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"Entering bookings used to be a bottle-neck, but Book 123 makes it so easy that we can now deliver next day on our largest orders. It remembers everything for us."
C.R. - Printers

"We used to get the addresses wrong on many of our international bookings, but Book 123 provides such comprehensive address look-up and validation that we can now book to any country with confidence."
R.K. - Import Export Agency

"I like the fact I can always reach somebody on the phone. Many companies try to discourage phone calls but with Book 123 I can always get through to someone who can sort things out."
B.M.R. - Antiques Dealer

"I love the price display allowing me to balance speed and cost when choosing the best service for my customers. And with notification emails with links to tracking, my customers love knowing when it's going to arrive."
S.L. - Fashion Designers